The use of colloidal silver as an antiviral or antibiotics has been in discussion among the alternative conventional medical practitioners and communities. Back in 1999 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration did a research and issued a statements on colloidal silver or silver salt products not safe and more over not effective.  Did you know that long-term use of the products leads to argyria?  This condition is evident by turns the skin gray a result from silver deposits.   Further studies by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine concluded that the silver salt product as inefficiency. However some health care specialists still advocates the use to treat some conditions.

The use of the silver colloidal products should be discussed between the patient and the physician. Here are the top 5 proven silver colloidal use!

Used an antibacterial

The amazing ability of silver colloidal is the control antibiotic-resistant superbugs are very surprising. Ist was first at UCLA Medical School in 1980s, by Larry C. Ford, MD, who documented the research finding on 650+ disease-causing pathogens which were destroyed in minutes of exposed to the silver salt in small quantities.

The use of colloidal silver as an antibiotic has its benefits as no resistance or even immunity to the pathogens is developed unlike normal antibiotics. You can also visit this website for more information. However this aspect cannot be emphasized completely with the view of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that has reported more than 2M people in the US suffers illness associated with antibiotic resistant infection each year and 23,000+ die from the infections.

Colloidal silver benefits- wound care-skin health

It has been documented that colloidal silver stimulates skin healing as well as other soft tissues. A Pharmacognosy Communications article in 2012, stated recommendation on the use colloidal silver needs certain consideration for topical use in burns treatments, periodontitis, and thrush among other conditions.

5 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits Uses & Side Effects

Did you know that it’s easy to treat ringworms-Tineacaputis? Home based treatments use of colloidal silver its anti-fungal potent.  All the same there so many associated with the use of colloidal silver benefits such as psoriasis plus eczema, it has been used as a soothing to the scrapes and even repairs damaged tissues resulting burns.

Treat prink eye- ear infections

Pink eye is a condition that causes inflamed mucous membrane that covers the eyeball& eyelid linings. Its primary curse is bacterial or even viral infections. It’s easy to treat the condati0on with the colloidal silver. Its offers help towards the irritations plus highly infections virus plus bacteria.

When directly applied to the eye tiny silver colloids picks the infected cells by electromagnetically attracting them and sending them into the bloodstream hence easily eliminated.

The development of antibiotic drugs and prescriptions is designed to work against a given class of bacteria. A problem arises when the cause of the problem is associated with multiple classes of bacteria. If you need extra information you can click here. With the use of antibiotics in such a case is useless; however the use of colloidal silver is effective regardless of the infection pathogens.

Colloidal silver as an Antiviral

Colloidal silver benefits are experienced as an anti-viral for:

  • pneumonia,
  • herpes,
  • shingles
  • warts

The review from theInstitute for Optimum Nutrition, listed the use of colloidal silver being one of the natural remedies to stop virus fast from development and growth in human body.

Colloidal silver works by suffocati9ng the virus hence reducing the activity of HIV virus in AIDS patients. The Silver salt has been accounted against the hepatitis C virus.


The other very crucial silver remedy is anti-inflammatory. Skin inflammatory was found to be treatable for experienced normal skin.


So far we have reviewed top five proven use of colloidal silver. Research is being reflective why many people prefer the use of anecdotally for years — that colloidal silver can reduce still swelling, speed healing, and boosts cell recovery! Check more with use of colloidal silver benefits.