Currently, if you had the option of using a natural medicine that had already proven its effectiveness against more than 650 different types of diseases, tested for centuries and still an extensive research source object for a variety of indications would you try it? We are talking about the colloidal silver benefits. It is of easy access, low cost, no side effects or contraindications, no risk of developing resistant strains in the case of fighting infection so what is the reason for such resistance to this drug?

To what extent the media interfere in medication use by the consumer?

The media has no interest in disclosing these powerful natural antibiotic, pharmaceutical companies have no interest in starting research about it, even for that would never be a source of profit for them. The silver benefits are far beyond what companies want to disclose.

Therefore, based on extensive research of leading universities of the world and personal experiences from millions of people we can say that sovereign silver is indeed a safe option. More safety in this site :

Yes, it works!

The Colloidal Silver benefits are proven effective in the eradication of the worst diseases currently found in the world, has been the subject of critical speculation and boycotts by the existing pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Colloidal Silver trade has never been broadcast by the major pharmaceutical companies, even encouraged his research at national or international level simply because the colloidal silver benefits cannot be patented and represents an inexpensive solution that actually works and is considered as a threat to the millionaire trade of the most expensive existing antimicrobials in pharmaceutical laboratories.

No pharmaceutical industry may monopolize the rights of colloidal silver, so the Colloidal Silver benefits are not viable as a source of profit.

We know that the health care costs in most countries are exorbitant. Most scientists are hesitant to announce changes that challenge the precepts and theories of Pharmaceutical Industries since they are in agreement with Therapeutic Goods Regulations and Health Standards.

In addition to moving a multi-million dollar market with his army of followers thus creating a complex mass control, economic incentives, bribes, responding to any natural alternative to multimillion-dollar campaigns of pharmaceutical drugs.

Colloidal silver benefits – how it works.

Colloidal silver is a colloid extended antimicrobial spectrum, non-toxic and effective in more than 650 different diseases.

It consists of an inexpensive alternative, efficient and with excellent results, possessing extraordinary capabilities and hundreds of legitimate uses. However, there is still no standardization of quality and dosage relative to the therapeutic indication.

The use of silver benefits as solutions had been tried since 1891 by manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. The use of silver as an antimicrobial just came in 1930 with silver nitrate. However, that offered high risks of toxicity, been perfected only in 1992 with the advent of colloidal silver, when Dr. Joseph Cardot in Arvada, Colorado, started the research on the best way to use silver as medication and a process of electrolysis, through the silver infusion in distilled water started to produce a highly stable product with increase their antimicrobial properties, colloidal silver.

Currently, claims arising from the worldwide user’s state that colloidal silver, although not marketed by factors already mentioned, report the success of in-vivo drug, corresponding to the studies “in-vitro” developed by research developed in major universities. Ready to enjoy the silver benefits you? Go this site.