Colloidal silver is unlike other nutritional supplements it’s not one trick pony but an astonishing array of healing plus health-promoting benefits so diverse that new keep coming up. In the course of my research, I have come across 17 top reasons why you should keep colloidal silver on hand at all times for family well-being and personal health. You need to fully check on that 17 Reason- below will check top 5 of the benefits where you will find yourself reaching for colloidal silver first just about every family health situation.

Let’s review at each of the five to benefits you should keep colloidal silver on hand at all times.

Infection-fighting colloidal silver benefits

Colloidal silver has astonishing infection- fighting properties- they have been known since the time of Christ; as stated in J. Wesley Alexander Book History of the Medical Use of Silver. Silver was used for several medical managements most of their empirical prior knowledge of microbes as agents of infections.

Empirically, means by observation- where colloidal silver healed diseases modern science categories as pathogenic.

Profound Immune-Boosting

Colloidal silver is a powerful immune system booster- as stated in the best-selling book- The Body Electric elaborating research o silver healing properties; body with low silver the sicker and disease one is likely to get.

Research results – hair samples with low silver showed an increase in sickness frequency. Silver deficiency may be the key to improper functions of the immune system. The funny thing about immune boosting with silver was discovered nearly 100 years ago- sovereign silver. Visit this site for more information : sovereignsilver.net

The journal of the American Medical Association- published research on electrically generated silver ions increased white blood cell production. It’s a crucial component of immune system function against many infections.

Pain-Relief and Inflammation-Fighting properties

Silver colloidal used orally or topical uses have dramatic pain relief due to inflammation.  Interruptions of the electrical current normally through the body at 50 to 70 millivolts result in pain. Hence, people are skeptical that colloidal silver can take away pain while accelerating healing.

Silver is a superconductor hence bridging the electric gap restoring the healthy current flow.

Try placing a silver coin on a burn and you experience instant pain relief. Silver kills pathogens responsible for inflammation in the body hence a highly known anti-inflammatory.  It modulates the body production of inflammation-promoting- cytokines.

Research goes further by modifying cytokines the enzymes that are involved in cell movement and growth hence leading to reduced inflammation by increasing the rate of healing. Check here.

Burn Relief and Skin-Healing properties

Silver based on cream- Silverdene is widely used around the world for its burns relief, while stimulating skin healing and prevent further infection on the burnt skin. Colloidal silver can be sprayed on minor burns and sunburns and enjoy the dramatic pain relief – reversing blistering and stimulate skin healing condition.

Colloidal Silver Heals Tooth and Gum Problems

The clinical researcher has been looking for the amazing healing properties of silver as well as antimicrobial qualities to keep teeth and gum health-infection free. A study in China demonstrated how colloidal silver gelatin sponge used on an infected tooth and the surrounding gum as able to cure infections.

It is ability on to stop plaque deposits from forming while healing infected teeth and gums.

Believe it all not that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of more ways to use colloidal silver and dozen more to reach it first. Check online for colloidal silver usage manual including dosage Meanwhile check on our next article on colloidal silver. You’re for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver.